Cricket in the Schools!

We Crickets have a strong love and appreciation for bluegrass music, and there’s nothing like being able to share the music with kids who are hearing it for the first time! Thanks to the Mayor’s Neighborhood Arts & Heritage Grant, funded by the City of Bridgeport and the Bridgeport Arts and Cultural Council, we were able to create this short film on a bluegrass workshop we recently gave to a group of fifth graders at Classical Studies Academy, a public elementary school in Bridgeport, CT.

Many thanks to Ron Michael Cinematography for capturing it all!

So many thanks to Principal Helen Giles and Music Teacher Michelle Humble for their support, and for creating such a loving and supportive learning environment for these kids! Fiddler Andrea Asprelli has worked with these fine educators over the past year as part of the Bridgeport KEYS program, and its been a long time coming to bring the full band to the school.  This was a blast!

P.S. Listen close and you’ll get a sneak peek of a few upcoming album tracks 🙂

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