In the studio!

For all those who’ve been asking us about our upcoming CD, good news! We’re well on our way with Mark Thayer over at the Signature Sounds Studio in recording our debut album. We’ve been honored to have been working with the killer bassist/songwriter Bridget Kearney (Lake Street Dive) in pre-production for the past few months, and stoked to bring on Wes Corbet (Joy Kills Sorrow) as our in-studio Producer for our first project!

IMG_5027 (1)


We spent the weekend laying down 8 live tracks at the studio farmhouse in Pomfret Center, CT and had an awesome time in CT’s quiet corner. Dan knocked out 50 holes of discgolf in one early morning, Doug flexed his Bananagram superpowers, and Jason conjured up a deli sandwich fit to feed an army or Hans Bilger. All was fun and games till Andrea’s corolla Annabelle bit the dust with 5 musicians and gear all ready to go. Thank those lucky stars for the roadside assistance of Big Dan T and Mark’s sacrificial makeshift oil siphoner/turkey baster for getting us all back on the road safe and sound.


We’ll be back in the studio in November to finish up all 10 tracks and send off to Dan Cardinal (Dimension Sounds) for mixing. Stay tuned and thanks for all your support!


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